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Wedding Guide
It's the wedding season and all of us would love to look our best But it so happens that after attending a few functions. Wedding Guide and What to Eat and Drinks & How much.
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The Cocktail Hour
With all the lip - smacking delicacies & mouth - watering gourmets spread out during this party season, no party meal is complete without the accompanying booze.
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5 habits that prevent weight loss
Skipping or avoiding a meal is an ignorant practice conducted intentionally or unintentionally. It has become a basic ideology for many
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Measurement Sites for Body Transformation
A good weight loss is just the number on the weighing scale. We should focus more on achieving a healthy ratio of lean mass and body fat.
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Foods to Ease an Upset Stomach
Owing to our current lifestyles, these stomach aches can be due to various reasons like acidity, indigestion, stress, constipation, food intolerance and as such.
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